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5 Tips To Moving Out of State


Moving from one house to another can be a daunting task especially when it comes to going to a different state. Even though you might think that the moving process is easy, you will have to do more than packing your items and loading them onto the moving truck. When moving to another state, you have the option of either using the services of a professional moving company or decide to handle all the details on your own. You can choose the last option if you do not want to spend money using the services of moving companies, which can at times be expensive for people moving out of state.

It is Essential to Plan

The first thing you will need to do is to plan the entire moving process. Have a specific date in mind when you intend to move. It is during this period that you will have to go and look for a house in the state you are planning to move to. You can use online realtors to look for a house or ask friends living in the state you are moving to, to help you look for a good house. Planning ahead ensures that you do not leave anything to chance and will cause you to be focused on what you aim at accomplishing.

If you have kids, the planning process will provide you with the opportunity to enroll them in new schools. This allows them to continue with learning as soon as you have settled in the new state.

You will also need to change your address and notify companies and institutions that sends you important documents via mail, of your new address.

Packing Process

After you have found your new house, you should now begin the packing process. Definitely, you are not going to use all the items that are in the current house, so you will need to get rid of some. Items that are unnecessary can be given away either to friends, charity or if you want extra money, you can hold a garage sale. This is done so as to reduce the amount of items you will carry when moving and provide you with enough space to carry all your items without having to come back for the ones left behind.

Begin Packing Early

Start packing early but do not expect to finish packing all items in one day. As a rule of thumb, begin packing items that are not used on a daily basis. This will make your life easier and keep you from rushing when the day to move finally arrives. You can buy packaging materials from the stores or if you are using a moving company, they will provide them to you.

Ensure Items are Properly Packed

Ensure that your household items are properly packed. Items such as glassware, china cups and plates need to be handled with care and packaged properly if you want to keep them from breaking. Thereafter, seal the boxes and label them as this will make it easy for you to track each item. Items that are susceptible to breakage need to be labeled as “Fragile”.

Moving Day

If the state you are going to is far, you need to get everything as early as possible. You can ask friends to help you load the item on the truck, if you have decided not to use a moving company. Make sure to first load heavy items such as furniture, wardrobes, fridges, and washing machine onto the truck then put the larger boxes. Smaller boxes can then be placed on top of larger ones, or underneath tables and chairs. When everything has been loaded you should begin the journey to your new home.

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