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December is All About Cats at Embrace Pet Insurance

IMG_20100918_120132The vast majority of the Embrace Pet Insurance insured pets are dogs (85%) but we’ve noticed more people adding cats to their policies so we thought it was about time we did a little feature on the fabulous feline at Embrace.

Of course, I’m biased because I’m the crazy cat lady at Embrace but those of you with cats know that while they may not get sick as often as dogs, when they do get sick, they are just as expensive.

Crazy Cat Lady Facts about cats and pet insurance:

  • pet insurance premiums are lower for cats than dogs, all else being equal
  • indoor cats get just as sick as outdoor cats, except with different conditions
  • cats and dogs can, and do┬álive together, no mass hysteria, making us all very happy indeed

Do you have pet insurance for your cats? Have you had to use it for anything?

(bonus points for spotting the movie reference)

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