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Kasich and the ObamaTax

[Original post updated and revised]

Contrary to some reports, the newly enacted House Bill 613 is not an attempt by the Ohio GOP to “[enable] socialized medicine.”

In fact, it’s designed to put strict limits on how “Navigators” in the new Ohio Exchange can operate, and requires them to adhere to the same regulatory and licensing guidelines as real agents, including obtaining Errors and Omissions coverage and completing Continuing Education requirements.

In fact, you can read the actual text of the bill here.

As FoIB Patrick Paule points out, the bill “also underscores the important role that ODI will play in the process.

I don’t want navigators (who aren’t licensed and have no E & O) to have free reign to do whatever they want in Ohio.”

Excellent points!

I’ll try to connect with the bill’s sponsor, Barbara Sears, for her thoughts on how this will likely play out.

[Special IB Thank You! to reader Patrick Paule]

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