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Top 10 Cities Where Americans are Moving


Title: Top 10 Cities Where Americans are Moving

Cities where Americans are Moving to

Are you ready to relocate somewhere new but are not sure where to go? Perhaps a look at the top 10 “Cities Where Americans are Moving”, published by Forbes, will help you make a decision. The data is based on the most recent statistics available from July 2010 to July 2011.

The biggest winner during this period has been Texas, landing 4 of the top 10 spots. It’s no surprise that Texas is such a strong winner, they have affordable housing, moderate weather and several major metropolitan areas with strong economies. While the migration to Texas is driven by many factors, other top 10 cities are likely seeing increases due to low home prices. Miami (#2), Tampa-St. Petersburg (#4) and Riverside-San Bernardino (#10) were all hit hard by the housing crisis, many have great housing values.

One attribute that nearly all cities in the top 10 have is favorable weather. It appears that moderate temperatures and sunny weather is a playing a larger role in the decision of where to relocate.

Want to read more? See the complete report published by Forbes.

Rank Metro Area Net Population Gain (July 10′-July 11′)
1 Dallas-Fort Worth +39,021
2 Miami-Fort Lauderdale +36,191
3 Austin +30,669
4 Tampa-St Petersburg +27,157
5 Houston +21,580
6 Washington DC-VA-MD-WV +21,517
7 Denver +19,565
8 San Antonio +19,515
9 Seattle-Tacoma +17,598
10 Riverside-San Bernardino +15,131

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