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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell:MVNHS©-style

So, what do (sickly) grandparents and their (sickly) grandchildren have in common?

They both get to travel the Liverpool Pathway, and at least half of them aren’t even asked about it:

Almost half of dying patients placed on the controversial Liverpool Care Pathway are never told that life-saving treatment has been withdrawn … around 57,000 patients a year are dying in [MVNHS©] hospitals without being told that efforts to keep them alive have been stopped.”

Well, why should they be?

After all, it’s not their money being spent on care. And, of course, there’s the remote chance that they (or their parents) might raise nasty, totally unnecessary objections. Of course, this is entirely logical: what sense would there be in disclosing the distasteful fact that while health “care” is free, there’s a finite supply of it, and that supply is much more efficiently spent on folks who have some hope of survival, right?

Now, if this sounds familiar, it should: the ObamaTax’s IPAB’s Death Panels are right around the corner to enforce this course of (non-)treatment on us.

Pleasant dreams!

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