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Claim Example: Ruby the Dog is kicked by a Moose

When I was looking for claims that related specifically to Winter Dangers, this one stuck out as rather unexpected – poor Ruby gets kicked by a moose! We asked Elizabeth B, her pet parent, to tell us what happened and this is what she said:

Ruby in AlaskaRuby is proof that old dogs can learn new things.  We moved to Alaska in the winter of 2012.  Our dogs, Ruby (age 12) and Willow (age 3) , instinctively knew to be cautious around the bears we crossed paths with on our hikes.  But our dogs did not see moose as an obvious threat.  Although moose can weigh upwards of 1,500 pounds, they come off as curious, docile, and almost clumsy creatures, and accordingly are easy prey for dogs. What our dogs didn’t know is that while moose tend not to run from a perceived threat, they can and will kick forward with their front feet, knocking down and trampling the threat.  

This fall, we came across a female moose on one of our hikes.  Ruby and Willow circled around it, barking until the moose became agitated and kicked Ruby in the hip.  Ruby lumbered out of the brush with an immediately swollen hip and back. Fortunately, she did not break any bones, but did tear a muscle which is still in the process of healing.  

We are fortunate to be covered by Embrace, which reimbursed us for the majority of the emergency visit and follow-up care she needed.  And now when we see moose on the trail, Ruby keeps her distance.  Willow is another story!

So there you have it – moose are not as docile as they appear to be! Ruby’s claim details look like this:

Ruby's vet bill for moose kick
Ruby's claim payout calculation
Ruby’s policy costs $12.59 a month for her accident-only policy, living in Anchorage AK.

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Claim Example: Ruby the Dog is kicked by a Moose


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