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Top 6 Packing Materials to Use for a Move


Based on how much planning and preparation is involved, the moving process can be much simpler than expected.  Since the moving company will accomplish the task of wrapping and moving the furniture, it is up to you to pack and prepare the rest of the home. There are a few essential packing materials involved with the packing process that everyone should acquire when planning for a move. Some of the basic supplies involve:

1 Packing Paper – This is a very important material to have when packing. Packing paper is mainly used to wrap items such as dishes, pictures and other fragile items. Also, it is best to used it as extra cushioning in the boxes by bundling up the paper and securing the items together. If used properly, this protection may help you save time by not dealing with damaged claims.

2 Boxes – Surely you will need boxes to pack your items into. You can get boxes from the moving company, department stores, some storage places, and from friends. Boxes come in many different sizes and remember when packing that heavy items go into small boxes and lighter items go into larger boxes. If you choose the right moving company, they may even provide free boxes.

3 Tape – You’ll certainly need moving tape to close the boxes shut and secure items inside. You will find various kinds of tape available, and you also can get these items from department stores or moving companies. Items like these should be provided by the moving companies and you can ask about these types of materials to see if you can get them for free from the movers in return for using their services.

4 Markers / Pens – These are needed to label boxes so the movers can place them in the correct rooms. You should write on the box the room it belongs in, the contents inside, and write “fragile” if the items are breakable.

5 Box Cutters – These will be used after the move during the un-packing process. These save time and the box from becoming torn when taking off tape.

6 Tape Gun – Tape guns are good tools to have if you are not experience with cutting the tape. Some will use scissors but a tape gun is by far the quickest way to apply tape to boxes.

Packing Quick Tip 1: Use you linens as extra packing medium. This will help save paper and create fewer items to be moved.

Packing Quick Tip 2: Create a box for everyday items such as prescriptions, toiletries and clothes. Pack these last and have available these items for easy access.

Packing Quick Tip 3: Pack heavy items into small boxes and light items into large boxes. You don’t want to end up with one big heavy box that nobody can lift.

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