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11 Things Life Insurance Companies Look At


Top 11 Term Life Insurance COmpany GuidelinesTop 10 Lists are so … Letterman. A bit trite we think. So we’ve one-upped the late night comedian with our newest infographic. Our Top 10 11 List of things life insurance companies use to evaluate your term life insurance application. Exciting — we know!

Term life insurance underwriting is a complex, dynamic process. Life insurance companies frequently change guidelines in an effort to stay competitive and ensure their risk management practices are in good order. And for that reason, we HIGHLY recommend you discuss your unique situation with an agent (ours are pretty good, in case you’re looking Wink). What works with one life insurance company today may not work the same tomorrow. The criteria Company A highly values may not mean as much to Company B. An agent’s role is to help you find the best life insurance company for you. Period. Demand nothing less.

After taking a look at our Top 11 List, you can get started with term life insurance quotes here.



Top 11 Term Life Insurance Guidelines



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