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Obamacare Twits


Seems the “milleninums” don’t understand or appreciate capitalism, especially when it involves Obamacare. The Twits are Tweeting their dissatisfaction over Poppa John’s announcement that implementing Obamacare will increase their costs.

Well, duh!

Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter was hammered with Twitter abuse after informing shareholders and franchisees in August that implementing Obamacare would necessarily increase costs of running the business. Applebee’s is under the gun today after Zane Tankel, a franchisee whose company runs 40 New York-area restaurants, told Fox Business Network that a hiring freeze might be in the works.

Twitchy, “Applebee’s hiring freeze Obamacare

The Twitterverse went wild.

WHAT a JACKASS-Applebee’s CEO Threatens To Fire Emps / Freeze Hiring Because Of Obamacare

More fools…Zane Tankel, Applebee’s Franchisee, Says He Won’t Hire Because Of Obamacare

Oh boo hoo, Papa John’s, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Applebee’s. Like you’re so poor. 

I doubt there is a business major in this bunch.

Tankel said only that, faced with paying annual Obamacare penalties of $80,000 to $100,000 per restaurant, he was evaluating his options and would most likely halt expansion. It seems reading comprehension is tough, so we wonder how these people accusing Applebee’s of firing employees made it through all 2,700 pages of the Obamacare bill (like Nancy Pelosi did) to find out what was in it and how much it would cost other people’s businesses.

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