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Debate on Gov role in Healthcare already gone?

Many people disagree with the current and further intrusion into our healthcare by Government. They say government is taking too active of a role in what should be a personal matter. On my way to the office this morning I had the realization this argument might already be long gone.

For a brief moment driving to the office I was stuck behind the town leaf vacuum. For those not living in parts of the country with lots of trees, there is a city truck that drives around vacuuming leaves from people’s yards. If we have outsourced such trivial matters as raking leaves to the government, managing our own health must no longer be possible.

In an ironic twist healthplans now pay us to exercise, i.e. to do something like raking the leaves. I think it is a short matter of time until we have cap and trade for calories. Don’t worry I’m sure for a small fee we will be able to buy burned calorie credits from someone more willing to rake the leaves.

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