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Veteran’s October Surprise


With election day less than 2 weeks away the “October surprise” may take on a different twist this year.

It looks like the announcement of the controversial move to discontinue TRICARE Prime for military members and their families in certain states, though, will wait until after Election Day.

As first reported by Military Times, starting April 1 TRICARE Prime services would be offered only to those living within 40 miles of a Military Treatment Facility as a result of the incoming contractor, United Healthcare, not planning on covering the services.

This would affect as many as 30,000 veterans and their families in Nevada, Oregon, Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri. While those outside of an acceptable distance from an MTF wouldn’t lose coverage, they would be reduced to the standard plan that carries higher out-of-pocket costs.

PJ Media, “Pentagon waits to tell Vet’s they may lose health coverage
The announcement will wait until after election day.
Probably just a coincidence . . .
But then you must remember that the president was a big fan of the WARN Act until he discovered it may impede his chance for re-election.
Thanks to Henry Stern for this tip!
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