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Happy Sixth Birthday Embrace!

Lily, the first Embraced petWay back, on Oct 10, 2006, we sold our first Embrace Pet Insurance policy. The policy was sold to me (Laura Bennett, CEO and Co-Founder of Embrace, aka Chief Embracer) for my cat Lily when I called in from the Jumpstart offices where I happened to be when I heard the news we could “go live”. Jumpstart was our first “big money” investor and I can safely say that we would not exist today without their assistance. It was more than appropriate that I make that call to buy the first policy in their offices.

Since that chilly day in October, Embrace has insured tens of thousands of pets and continues to add hundreds every month. It feels so good to say we are in our seventh year of selling policies when for the longest time, it was only a few months.

Today, we were reminiscing about “the good old days” and we shared some fun stories on our internal blog.

CooperLike the time when our new veterinary evangelist Katie started with Embrace. She was sitting in the claims department alone (it was early and she was unaware of her new boss’s late starts.) Our Controller, Laura H, was in with her puggle Cooper, who wasn’t feeling well and had a “blow out” accident on the floor in front of her. That was some “Welcome to Embrace!” moment she’s never forgotten.

Or how about all the old procedures (we love excel!), dated photos, cramped office spaces, and frequent power outages, and the time when Lea locked herself out of the offices when taking a bathroom break on Black Friday when she was the only one working that day.

Leaning Tower of Purple BoxesAh yes, we have many many good memories of building Embrace.

Thank you to everyone who took a risk on us. To all our Embracers, our Embraced pet parents, and our investors – thank you for joining us in our adventure. Your piece of the puzzle has made Embrace what it is today. 

Your very grateful co-founders,

Laura and Alex 


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