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Bullying Insurer Trick?

Maybe, maybe not. That question mark’s there because it’s not entirely clear that Fortune 500 company Western & Southern Life is really in the wrong here:

Western & Southern …. has been trying for several years to buy or force the Anna Louise out of the Lytle Park Historic District, the beautiful and serene neighborhood they share, and turn it into a boutique hotel.”

The current owner is Cincinnati Union Bethel, a non-profit that runs the facility, which “provides safe and affordable housing for women so they can live independently and within their means.”

On the other hand, the folks at Western & Southern aren’t necessarily bad guys just because they disagree with the Bethel folks:

Our proposal for Anna Louise Inn, its owner Cincinnati Union Bethel and Lytle Park is a win-win for every stakeholder involved. It will cost taxpayers less; provide a new, improved facility for the residents of the Anna Louise; create economic opportunity for the city; and preserve the building and its historical significance.”

In fact, there may be no “good” or “bad” guy here: sometimes organizations (and the people who support them) can have fundamental disagreements. From this vantage point, at least, I think both sides present compelling arguments; which one ultimately prevails is a matter for the courts.

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