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Organize Your Home Gym


Now that summer is winding down and the weather is starting to turn cooler, it is time to dust off your treadmill, stationary bikes and personal home gym. Soon, exercising outside will be more difficult and you will be forced to move inside to get fit. All of the items you stacked on your treadmill have to find a new place. Now is the time to get your weights, bands, mats and balance balls ready as well.

Your home gym should be out of the way in your house, maybe in the basement or a spare room. If you put it in a room people regularly use, you probably won’t get much use out of the gym. Make sure the space is organized and clutter free so you don’t hurt yourself stepping on kids toys as you work out. You want to maximize the space to get the most out of your workout. Take time to organize and even store any items which could limit the space you have for your gym.

Additional items you may need include a TV, DVD player, workout DVD’s and gym clothes. Be sure to have enough room to store these items as well as all of your other stuff. If there isn’t enough room in your living space to hold all of the things you moved out to bring your workout gear in, you should consider renting a self storage unit. Self storage is an affordable, convenient option when you have limited space. The ease of access and proximity of many self storage facilities to your home will have your workout space clutter free and your other valuables stored securely.

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