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The Road to Term Life Insurance


The Road to Term Life InsuranceAutumn is the best time of year for a road trip. The cooler weather combined with the dazzling colors of the season make the perfect recipe for an unforgettable drive.

Buying a term life insurance policy is similiar to taking a road trip. If you plan accordingly, pick the best route and be prepared for any minor bumps along the way, chances are you’ll reach your destination as planned and have an enjoyable journey. Okay, maybe the enjoyable part is a bit of a stretch. But it’s really not as bad as you might think.

IF you have a road map.

What — no road map, you say? Well, you’re in luck! We just created a brand new infographic called ‘The Road to Term Life Insurance.’ We thought you might need it to help plan your journey. Remember, the key to getting started is knowing the best place to begin (hint: our map will show you). Once you get going you’ll find the ride is easy peasy, or easy like Sunday morning, or … well, you get the idea.

So grab your iPod and a good book. It’s time to hit the road!

 The Road to Term Life Insurance

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Being Aware: October is Time to Think Pink


Breast Cancer Awareness MonthOctober usually makes one think of autumn and brilliant autumn colors such as orange, red and yellow. But since its inception over 25 years ago, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) brings the color pink to the forefront, as it joins the list of colors we frequently see in October.

NBCAM is a collaborative effort to promote awareness, share research and information about the disease and provide greater access to care and services. Since 2003, the incidence of breast cancer in the U.S. has remained stable. Awareness efforts appear to be effective; however, as mammography screening rates have increased leading to more cases of early detection.

Understanding risk and prevention are keys to decreasing your chances of getting breast cancer. Leading a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and moderate exercise for example, can be an effective way to help stave off this disease. And routine exams and screenings are useful tools for early detection of abnormalities.

As for breast cancer and its impact on term life insurance, you’ll be happy to know you can get coverage if you have a history of breast cancer. Of course, the life insurance company will consider many factors and your application will depend on your specific circumstances. In general, most companies will want to see that treatment has been completed and a period of time has passed with no recurrence. The more time has passed the better chances of approval and the better the premium rates.

Take a look at our newest infographic which includes current breast cancer statistics and prevention/early detection tips. We’ve even busted some of the more common breast cancer myths!


Breast Cancer Awareness Infographic


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Veteran’s October Surprise


With election day less than 2 weeks away the “October surprise” may take on a different twist this year.

It looks like the announcement of the controversial move to discontinue TRICARE Prime for military members and their families in certain states, though, will wait until after Election Day.

As first reported by Military Times, starting April 1 TRICARE Prime services would be offered only to those living within 40 miles of a Military Treatment Facility as a result of the incoming contractor, United Healthcare, not planning on covering the services.

This would affect as many as 30,000 veterans and their families in Nevada, Oregon, Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri. While those outside of an acceptable distance from an MTF wouldn’t lose coverage, they would be reduced to the standard plan that carries higher out-of-pocket costs.

PJ Media, “Pentagon waits to tell Vet’s they may lose health coverage
The announcement will wait until after election day.
Probably just a coincidence . . .
But then you must remember that the president was a big fan of the WARN Act until he discovered it may impede his chance for re-election.
Thanks to Henry Stern for this tip!
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Sandy App

For those in the path of Hurricane/TS Sandy (and/or for those who may face other severe weather conditions) the Insurance Information Institute has a cool – and helpful! – app for disaster preparedness. From email:

The I.I.I.’s “Know Your Plan” app for iPhone provides users with a library of preloaded checklists to guide them through important property protection and preparedness steps. These include specific lists to help prepare for hurricanes, floods and winter weather—the very conditions threatened by Hurricane Sandy, which may turn into a hybrid “perfect storm” with high wind, heavy rain, extreme tides and maybe snow.”

You can download the app from iTunes.

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Guest Post: Dr Patrick Mahaney talks about pet adoptions

Today, Dr Patrick Mahaney and I talk about the medical aspects of adopting a pet and we talk about:

  1. Is there anything I should look out for when adopting a shelter pet?
  2. How do you recommend selecting a brand of food for a newly adopted pet?
  3. What should I know about transitioning an adopted pet from the rescue/shelter/breeder’s food to the food of my choice?
  4. Any suggestions on how to select the best vet for my newly adopted pet?
  5. What, if any, veterinary history, should I expect to get when adopting a pet from a shelter, rescue or breeder?

Laura Bennett & Dr Patrick Mahaney Pet Adoption

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Guest Post: Dr Patrick Mahaney talks about pet adoptions

Other posts by Dr Patrick Mahaney


Dr Patrick Mahaney Dr. Mahaney is a veterinarian from the University of Pennsylvania and a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist, having been inspired by his own chronic pain from Intervertebral Disc Disease to provide accupuncture to his veterinary clients. In addition to Dr Mahaney’s house call integrative veterinary medicine business, California Pet Acupuncture and Wellness, he sees patients on an in-clinic basis at Veterinary Cancer Group in Culver City, CA.

Dr Mahaney writes a veterinary column (Patrick’s Blog) for and contributes to a variety of media, including Perez Hilton’s, Fido Friendly, Veterinary Practice News, Healthy Pets and People with Dr Patrick on, and MSNBC Sunday with Alex Witt and Career Day. His first book, The Uncomfortable Vet, will be available in 2012 through Havenhurst Books.

Term Life Insurance Paramed Exam Simplified


Term Life Insurance Paramed ExamApplying for term life insurance has become considerably easier over the past few years, thanks mostly to new technologies such as electronic applications and electronic signatures. And while some life insurance companies now offer non-medical term life insurance policies that do not require a paramedical exam (or paramed), the majority of policies available to you still require one as part of the application process.

But don’t panic! There are a number of reasons why getting a paramed exam can be beneficial:

  • Policies that require a paramed exam are usually less expensive.
  • A paramed exam can uncover medical concerns you may not have been aware of.
  • The life insurance company pays for it, so … it’s like a free physical!

The paramed exam, like the term life application process in general, has also been enhanced by technology. Many examiners now complete the required forms and transmit all information back to the life insurance company electronically. And, exam companies have more offices and examiners than ever before, making it easier to schedule the exam at a time that is convenient for you.

If you are still a bit unsure, we’ve created this graphic to illustrate how simple the process is and to help you prepare for your paramed exam!


Term Life Insurance Paramed Exam Infographic

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10 Best Places to Retire


Title: 10 Best Places to Retire

Best Places to Retire

2011 was the first year in which “Baby Boomers”, those born between 1946-1964, began hitting retirement age. Over the next 19 years approximately 77 million Americans’ will retire, many of whom may be looking for a new place to live. So where do you go? Luckily, large outfits like Yahoo! and Newsweek research and publish town, city and state rankings in a variety of categories. Today’s category? The 10 Best Places to Retire in 2012 as reported by Yahoo!.

Compare the 2012 rankings to our 2011 post, “Most Affordable Retirement Cities in 2011“.

Rank Location Median Home $ Best for Top State Income Tax
1 Albuquerque, NM $174,000 Big City 4.9%
2 Portland, OR $272,000 Big City 9.9%
3 Louisville, KY $116,000 Big City 6%
4 Tucson, AZ $148,000 Big City 4.54%
5 Austin, TX $215,000 Big City None
6 Winston-Salem, NC $129,000 Big City 7.75%
7 St George, UT $264,500 Resort 5%
8 Traverse City, MI $195,000 Resort 4.35%
9 Coeur d’Alene, ID $259,000 Resort 7.4%
10 St Augustine, FL $156,000 Resort None

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ObamaTax vs RomneyCare

Mike gave us a very cogent analysis of the actual, as-implemented MassCare plan, which was, in fact, much different than the original program set forth by Gov Romney. LifeHealthPro’s Allison Bell offers her take on key differences between the two Presidential contenders’ visions.

Here are a few examples; I really recommend that you read the whole thing:

2. Women’s health and abortion

Contrary to the spin, the ObamaTax does, in fact, include coverage for abortion [ed: please note that this is my take, not Ms Bell's]. And, of course, there’s the whole convenience item birth control mandate.

Romney’s plan doesn’t (seem to) address either issue.

5. Tort reform

There’s no mention of this in the ObamaTax, which doesn’t preclude HHS Secretary Shecantbeserious from requiring it.

Romney proposes caps on “non-economic damages in medical malpractice lawsuits.”

6. Health accounts

Regular readers know we’re big fans of consumer-driven health care, which the ObamaTax effectively guts (“essential benefits,” slashing of HSA’s and FSA’s, etc).

It’s probably no surprise that Romney supports expanding these types of plans.

Ms Bell does a great job of thumb-nailing some of the key differences, including treatment of Medicare and Medicaid. Definitely worth clicking through.

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If You Like Your Health Insurance Plan . . .


It all sounded so warm and fuzzy 4 years ago. My how time flies.         

The folks in and around DC are going to find their options somewhat limited due to the closure of the private health insurance exchange.

The D.C. Health Benefits Exchange Board unanimously approved closure of the private insurance marketplace for both individuals and small businesses, requiring them to purchase health insurance through a city-run exchange.

IFAwebnews, “DC to close private health insurance exchange

Government run health insurance. What could possibly go wrong?

While a D.C. board subcommittee called the closure “market consolidation,” small business owners called it a drastic and unnecessary change to the marketplace.

Market consolidation.

A monopoly is still a monopoly  by any other name . . .

So DC, how is this working for you?

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Happy Sixth Birthday Embrace!

Lily, the first Embraced petWay back, on Oct 10, 2006, we sold our first Embrace Pet Insurance policy. The policy was sold to me (Laura Bennett, CEO and Co-Founder of Embrace, aka Chief Embracer) for my cat Lily when I called in from the Jumpstart offices where I happened to be when I heard the news we could “go live”. Jumpstart was our first “big money” investor and I can safely say that we would not exist today without their assistance. It was more than appropriate that I make that call to buy the first policy in their offices.

Since that chilly day in October, Embrace has insured tens of thousands of pets and continues to add hundreds every month. It feels so good to say we are in our seventh year of selling policies when for the longest time, it was only a few months.

Today, we were reminiscing about “the good old days” and we shared some fun stories on our internal blog.

CooperLike the time when our new veterinary evangelist Katie started with Embrace. She was sitting in the claims department alone (it was early and she was unaware of her new boss’s late starts.) Our Controller, Laura H, was in with her puggle Cooper, who wasn’t feeling well and had a “blow out” accident on the floor in front of her. That was some “Welcome to Embrace!” moment she’s never forgotten.

Or how about all the old procedures (we love excel!), dated photos, cramped office spaces, and frequent power outages, and the time when Lea locked herself out of the offices when taking a bathroom break on Black Friday when she was the only one working that day.

Leaning Tower of Purple BoxesAh yes, we have many many good memories of building Embrace.

Thank you to everyone who took a risk on us. To all our Embracers, our Embraced pet parents, and our investors – thank you for joining us in our adventure. Your piece of the puzzle has made Embrace what it is today. 

Your very grateful co-founders,

Laura and Alex