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Pack Healthier Lunches


Term Life Insurance and Healthy LunchesBringing your lunch to work is a great way to save money and get balanced nutrition. And a balanced diet means a healthier lifestyle and less expensive term life insurance premiums. Unfortunate, there are common mistakes you may be making with your brown bag lunch. Below are several ways to pack a delicious, healthy lunch.


Proper Portions

Packing last night’s leftovers might seem like a good idea, but it’s easy to overeat if you aren’t careful about portion sizes. Portion out leftovers into single servings. For example, a serving of rice or pasta is one cup and serving of protein is 3 ounces. You should beware of prepackaged foods such as individual bags of chips as they may actually contain more than one serving. If you’re taking snack foods read the label to determine how many make up a serving and bring exactly that in a small plastic bag.

Plan Ahead

If you want to eat better, you have to plan better. If you don’t you end up tossing whatever you can find into a brown bag while you’re trying to get ready for work or running late so you skip packing a lunch altogether and end up eating out. This spells diet disaster. Keep a running shopping list and train yourself to write down easy to pack lunch items as you run out of them. Make foods easy to pack so you have no excuse for not packing a lunch. Cut up produce when you bring it home. Divide larger packages of snacks into individual servings and pack the night before. Pack your lunch after dinner when you’re not hungry, less rushed and you’ll be more likely to bring foods you know you should be eating.


Liven It Up

A sandwich, chips and an apple might be your standard lunch. And it is healthy but boy would that get old after a while. There are simple ways to make lunch more satisfying. Keep things interesting and you will be less tempted to hit up the burger joint on your break. Simple changes like using different sandwich toppings such as olive tapenade, shredded carrots or roasted red peppers can help liven things up. You can also try switching out lunch meats with hummus, black beans or avocado. Try brining wraps or salads in place of your sandwich and you have yourself a healthy, relatively exciting meal.


Afternoon Snack

It’s perfectly fine to grab a snack. Just plan ahead so that you’re not tempted by the not so healthy snacks in the vending machine. Keep a stash of healthy snacks at the office. Have a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts on hand incase hunger strikes. Having snacks available makes it less likely that you’ll be munching on unhealthy munchies later.



If you drink a single can of soda with lunch, you’ve already consumed 150 calories and zero nutrients. Those extra calories add up. You should skip the soda, bottled beverages and energy drinks. Water is your best bet. You can add a little juice or a dash of drink mix if plain water is too boring.

If you are already packing lunches then you’ve already fought half the battle. Being mindful of what you are eating at the office is the first step. The next step is making sure you don’t pack too much, you are packing the right things and you don’t bore of the food you are packing. Making the above changes to your lunches can make an impact on your overall health which in turn could save you money on your term life insurance. Start packing healthier lunches today.

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