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Guest Post: Animal Olympics

Have you been watching the Olympics with your pets? Dr Riggs is a big fan of the Olympic Games and that led him to ponder – what if animals were allowed in the Olympics?


I love the Olympics!   Maybe I am a naive optimist, but it seems the only time the world gets together and is as one.  Seeing all the athletes of the world in one place congratulating each other, laughing with other athletes of countries with opposing political and religious ideals… makes me wonder. Hmm…  Yes, well, back to the blog. 

It is amazing to see the athleticism of all the athletes.  The amazing speed and grace of American’s Micheal Phelps, Missy Franklin and China’s Sun Yang.The phenomenal courage and skill of the gymnasts. How do they get the guts to do the things they do???  I am in awe every time I see the smoothness and apparent ease of Usain Bolt breaking another world record.  What about the tiny weightlifters who clean and jerk three times their body weight over their head? The endurance of the cyclists blows me away. It is a testament to their dedication, hard work and skill. Their accomplishments are to be commended.

But… what if?

What if… our animal friends could compete right along our Olympic athletes? Well… the the size of the medal podiums would need to change to accommodate, not just 2, but at least four feet!

So let’s see how animals would measure up to our Olympians:

  • Michael Phelps in his fastest event, the 100m freestyle, reaches a top speed of 4.7 mph.  An Orca (killer whale) reaches speeds of 30mph and a Sail fin swims up to 65mph!
  • Usain Bolts runs a blistering top speed of 23 mph, paling in comparison to the Greyhound’s 30mph and the Cheetahs top speed of 70 mph
  • The high jump world record is 8 ft 3 inches.  A cat can jump 10 feet from a standing start, so if you compare the length of a typical cat at 1ft 6 inches to a 6 foot man that would equate to 39 feet
  • Mike Powell holds the world record long jump at 29 feet 3 inches.  He would be spitting into the wind, if he had to compete against our arch enemy the flea.  A flea can jump 38 times its length, which means Powell would need to jump 228 feet just to be in the medal hunt!

So as impressive as the athletes are… animals would put us to shame.

Just to finish off, here are a few events I suggest if our cats and dogs begin to compete.

Synchronized Tail Wagging

Synchro tail wagging
Cat Olympics

Cat olympics
Tennis Ball Holding

Tennis ball holding
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Dr_RiggsDr. Rex Riggs grew up in Wadsworth, Ohio, near Akron. Dr Riggs is co-owner of Best Friends Veterinary Hospital in Powell, Ohio. He is also on the board of the North Central Region of Canine Companions of Independence, a board member of The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Society and Small Animal Practitioner Advancement Board at The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Riggs lives in Lewis Center, OH with his wife Nancy, their dogs Maggie and Ossa, and cat Franklin. Outside of work, Dr. Riggs is an avid golfer and cyclist, and enjoys travel and photography.

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