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Advantages of a Moving Container


Your house is sold and your new house is ready for move in day. Surely you’ve planned out your move, have all of the necessary items and have your home move in ready. Most people choose to use a moving truck to move all of their belongings, but another option is to use a moving container. The cost of renting a moving truck, gas, insurance and the time you spend loading and unloading your truck is offset in the long run by using a moving container.

Most people will rent a truck for at least 2 days in order to get the truck packed, driven to the new home and then unpacked. With mobile storage or a moving container you can pick up the container a week or more before you actually intend to move and then have the unit driven to your new home where you will unload it. You can see how mobile storage would be less stressful and as affordable as renting a moving truck. There are several mobile storage companies which can assist you in your move such as Go Minis, Box Containers or Mobile Mini.

If you’ve lived in the same place for several years you may not realize how many items you’ve accumulated. It may be time to downsize your life or de-clutter your home and mobile storage is a great option for this as well. First, don’t get overwhelmed. Organize your belongings into things you have a close connection to, things personal to you and stuff you can live without. You can use mobile storage or even self storage to keep all of the items you want to give to charity or put items you aren’t sure you want to get rid of. If you put the belongings in storage and don’t miss them for a few months, it is safe to say you can probably throw them away.

If your budget is tight and you do not have the funds to hire a full service moving company and rent a storage facility, consider using mobile storage. Moving containers are a great way to get your things packed and ready to go on your own time without paying for storage or moving trucks. There is no time limit on how long it takes you to pack your belongings and once you are all packed, your belongings are stored as is in the mobile unit until you are ready to unload it.

About the author: Brian Barwig is a writer for, an online directory of mini storage facilities. Self Storage Finders provides self storage units in a variety of sizes.

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