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Auto Insurance: Understanding How Divorce Affects Auto Insurance Policies


Working out the details of a divorce is an emotionally draining period of dividing up the aspects of a life once shared. Everything must be considered and difficult decisions made, in order to avoid future conflicts, omissions and errors that could prove costly and inconvenient for either side. Amongst the many things to divvy up in a divorce is the auto insurance policy. There are several different aspects to consider when deciding what to do with the auto insurance policy for a couple that is splitting up.

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If each of you has separate policies, the process is simple. You remove the other person from your coverage and you are done. However, in most cases married couples have joint policies, in order to get discounts that they would not otherwise be entitled to. If you have only one car, you will need to begin by deciding who gets the car. Logic says that the one who has the car will also need the car insurance policy. This simplifies things greatly.

However, if you have more than one vehicle and each of you gets to keep one or more of them, typically only one person will get to keep the policy. The choice of who gets it should not create an unfair advantage for one person or the other. Talking to your insurance agent or shopping around for prices before making a decision will help you. If you have joint custody of your children and an amicable divorce, you may want to consider keeping the policy as is. You can share the joint insurance policy for a period of time following the divorce if your relationship allows for it.

Occasionally, the division of property in a divorce case in court will even include things like auto insurance policies. If the details of dividing up property have become cumbersome, often the lawyers for each side and a judge will end up making the final decisions. You can make requests to your lawyer in such cases, but things may not end up exactly as you wish.

Divorce is complicated and multi-faceted. Avoid getting bogged down in the details of dividing up things. Sometimes it is beneficial to give up some of the small easily replaceable things like the auto insurance policy in order to get more important things. Use common sense in your dealings with your ex-spouse and follow your lawyer’s advice. By doing so, you will reduce the tension and stress surrounding you at this difficult time.

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