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Life insurance: A Financial safety and protection for your life

Life is very unpredictable and so is our health; we never know when our life could come to an end. We have to come across various uncertainties that might result in good or bad outcomes. Therefore we should always be prepared to face any circumstances that might arise by having certain protection against it. Having life insurance cover can help you protect and secure yourself and your family from any unforeseen events.

If you feel that you are fit enough and have no need for life cover then let me tell you that you are wrong. If you are the only person earning in your family and your family is totally dependent on you then you can imagine that if something happens to you how difficult it would be for your family to manage. Your dependent family will suffer both emotionally and also financially. So, if you have life insurance coverage then you can help your family to manage even when you are not there.

Life insurance is nothing but a contract that a person makes with insurance company where the company agrees to pay a specific amount to the beneficiary of the policy holder after their death. The policy holder needs to pay regular payments based on the policy taken. The life insurance policy mainly falls under two main categories

  • Protection policy: the main purpose of taking such a policy is that it is used to provide a lump sum amount to the beneficiary of the policy holder after their death. The most common form of this policy is term insurance.
  • Investment policy: here the main aim is to increase the growth of capital amount by making regular payments. The most common forms of this policy are variable life policy and universal life policy.

Benefits of life insurance:

There are various benefits that you can get from the life insurance policy such as

  • Risk cover: it helps you in securing the future of your loved ones when you might not be present to resolve their financial problems.
  • Protection from healthcare expenses: the insurance policies also offer benefits over critical diseases and the expenses of hospitalisation.
  • Long-term investment: the insurance policy having various rules and regulations ensures that the holder invests over long-term investments and does not focus on short-term profits.
  • Tax benefits: most of the insurances plans offer the holders attractive tax benefits over their policy
  • Flexibility to get easy loans: the policy holder can easily get the loan approved against his insurance policy to meet any of the requirements that might arise in the future.

Therefore by having an insurance policy you can secure not only your but also your family’s future. If in any month you face problem in paying the amount for the policy due certain financial crisis then you can opt for payday loans and continue the process.

Author Bio:
My name is Alicia. I am a tech writer from UK. I am into Finance. Catch me @financeport

Guest Post: five ways to show your love to your vet staff

Sonia CharryThis guest post comes from Sonia Charry, a former animal hospital staff member who now writes the Big Dog Blog at Here, she shares an insider’s view on how to make your vet staff feel appreciated.

Working in an animal hospital can be a difficult job, but the clients make it all worthwhile. If you love your vet staff, here are 5 simple ways to let them know you appreciate them.

1)      Say thank you

It sounds obvious, but not many people send thank-you notes anymore. At the hospital where I worked, we all were emotionally invested in our clients. A hand-written thank you note with an update on your pet’s health will make the staff feel appreciated and let them know that your pet is doing better. (Trust me, we worry and think about your pet long after you walk out the door.)

2)      Ask if they’ll take a picture with your pet

If someone asked to take a picture with you, wouldn’t you feel like a rock star? Of course.  Asking to take a picture of your pet with a staff member or two is a great way to show them how much you value their role in your pet’s life and only takes a minute. Plus, if you include a copy with the thank-you note, you’ll give them something they’ll be happy to hang up and see daily.

3)      Recommend the hospital to your friends

Yes, we do look at the new patient forms and see if people filled in how they were referred. It means a lot when you recommend us to a friend. We may not remember to mention it the next time you come in, but it hasn’t gone unnoticed. It’s a big sign of the trust you place in us and we appreciate it.

4)      Bring something to eat

When you work at a vet’s office, you often spend long hours on your feet with few breaks and chances to eat. You know that long break in the middle of the day when the staff doesn’t schedule appointments? That’s not a lunch break; that’s when surgeries happen. An animal hospital is a busy place and a snack will help your favorite vet staffer get a boost on the go.

What kind of snacks work in a veterinary hospital? A plate of homemade cookies is kind, but when you’re surrounded by animals all day, your hands get dirty quickly and hair gets everywhere. Individually-wrapped snacks like fun-size candy bars or granola bars are perfect.

5)      Be understanding

You wouldn’t believe the crazy things that happen in an animal hospital – my friends and family certainly didn’t! Some days are exceptionally stressful or emotional. If a staff member tells you they’re sorry they’re running behind or just can’t find that piece of paper they had, let them know it’s OK. Something as simple as “I understand, you’ve got a lot going on back there” said with a smile could turn their day around.

As a former animal hospital staffer, I know how much work and love goes into treating every animal that comes through the door. If your vet staff does a good job taking care of you and your pets, please let them know. They deserve to hear it.

How To Avoid Travel Disease


Term Life Insurance and TravelWhile traveling the world, your body is introduced to many new bugs and bacteria, some of which are more dangerous than others. This post is not meant to scare you but remind you to take proper precautions, such as making sure you have term life insurance, so you can travel safely and with peace of mind. Below are some common travel diseases, what they are and how to avoid them.



Malaria is a serious disease caused by parasites. It’s fatal if left untreated. It is transmitted by a bite from a malaria-infected female mosquito. More than 100 countries are in the danger zones of Malaria including India, Central and South America, SE Asia, Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa. Which Malaria drug to use depends on side effects, the malaria type and which drugs the parasite is resistant to in that area. The side effect of taking malaria pills can sometimes feel just as bad as having malaria, so take the drugs only if you really know that there will be malaria where you go. Malaria pills aren’t 100% effective, so be sure you sleep under a mosquito net, use insect repellents and wear long pants and shirts in the evening or when walking in places with a lot of mosquitoes.


Traveler’s Diarrhea

Traveler’s Diarrhea is exactly what it sounds like. A foreign bacteria or bug enters your system, most often from contaminated food and water and causes diarrhea. Many travelers also get upset stomachs because of the sudden diet change.  When this happens, stay hydrated and avoid spicy food. TD can happen anywhere, but the risk is higher in developing countries in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Latin America. To avoid it always drink bottled water, don’t brush your teeth in tap water if it’s not drinkable,  keep your mouth closed when showering., ask for no ice in your drinks, stick to cooked food and be careful with fruit and seafood. If the damage is already done, then the best way to stop it is to have Imodium and Pepto-Bismol on hand. If symptoms don’t go away or they get worse, seek medical attention.



Cholera is a severe bacterial disease that affects the intestines, creating vomiting and watery diarrhea. It’s an extreme type of travel diarrhea that can be fatal if left untreated. The germ is spread by drinking contaminated water or infected food. This disease can be found in Indonesia, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. It can be prevented with a drinkable vaccine called Dukoral. Two doses, one taken a week after the first, will keep you safe for two years.


Hepatitis A & B

Both Hepatitis A and B are viral infections of the liver. Hepatitis A is transmitted through contaminated food and water. Hepatitis B is transmitted through blood. Often you don’t notice that you’re infected because there are little to no symptoms and the symptoms can come a long time after you’ve been infected, Hepatitis A takes 2-6 weeks to show any symptoms and Hepatitis B takes 2-6 months. Typical symptoms are nausea, fever, malaise and abdominal problems. The diseases are most common in less developed countries and regions with poor hygiene standards, but they exist everywhere. Vaccinations are 95-100% effective when taken at least 4 weeks prior to trip. These vaccines are also taken in a series and offer 20 years of protection.


Typhoid Fever

Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection in the intestines and sometimes the bloodstream. It’s transmitted by contaminated food or water with salmonella. Typical symptoms are severe headache, nausea, massive loss of appetite and fever. It exists everywhere but the risks are highest in poor countries in Asia, Africa, Central and South America, the Indian subcontinents and Mexico. The vaccine is only between 50-80% effective so stay away from water that could be contaminated and uncooked food. Take the vaccine two weeks before travel.


Now you know what is out there, so you are more prepared while traveling. To further prepare yourself make sure you are protected with term life insurance before you go. Let one of our agents know that you intend to do some international traveling and they will help find the best company for you.


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Prescription Drugs’ Impact on Term Life Insurance


Term Life Insurance and MedicineHumans have been creating and mixing chemical and herbal concoctions known as drugs for thousands of years. Currently the United States has a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry. Sometimes it seems as if our doctors have turned into walking prescription pads, as one drug or another is seen as the only option for treating the diseases that plague mankind.

So how do life insurance companies feel about their policyholders being pumped full of panaceas? Here are the most common conflicts that arise as life insurance underwriters consider term life insurance applicants and their prescription drugs.

Too Many Drugs

Do you have a prescription happy doctor? Does your doctor seem to dismiss your concerns about your symptoms and instead of offering up lifestyle advice, whips out the old prescription pad instead? While some medical conditions are only treatable with medicine, there are plenty of ailments that could be improved with simple lifestyle changes.

The more drugs you are on, the more chances there are for harmful drug interactions. Life insurance companies see it as a big red flag when an applicant has a long list of medications. Before you apply for a term life insurance policy, we suggest you visit another physician for a second opinion regarding your medications. All the better if you are able to safely reduce the amount of pharmaceuticals in your body.

Not Enough Physician Monitoring

Now I know we usually blame physicians, but this problem often lies with the patients. Your busy schedule and hectic life often prevent you from getting in to the doctor when you are supposed to. If you are on medications, regular checkups are a necessity! Your body is constantly changing, and whatever dosage of medication you are on today may be too much, or too little for you in a few months. Life insurance underwriters do check to see when the last time your medication and dosage were reviewed, so make sure to stay up to date. Even if your dose has been stable for years, life insurance companies still want proof that a doctor is monitoring your medications.

Using for Different Purposes

Sometimes drugs have side-effects that are considered to be a positive for some people. We have seen many applicants who were taking drug XYZ for its reported side effect of weight loss, increased libido, decreased hot flashes, or any other real or imagined result it produced in their bodies.

Life Insurance underwriters aren’t necessarily going to cut you a break if you are one of the patients who uses a medication for a reason which it is not intended. For example, if you are using an antidepressant, and claim that you are not suffering from clinical depression but rather using the medication to treat some unrelated malady, the life insurance underwriter is likely going to give you a rating class consistent with the medication you are taking.

It is completely up to you and your doctor what medications you take and for what reason. Just be warned that life insurance underwriters will scrutinize the medications you are on just as much as your diagnosis.

Adverse Side Effects

We have all heard the drug commercials that promise to give you your life back after being diagnosed with this disease or that disease. The unfortunate side effects are not mentioned until the end, read off at warp speed in hopes that you will not focus on them.

Are the side effects sometimes worse than the condition for which is being treated? It is quite possible, especially with newer drugs that haven’t been thoroughly used yet. Stories of human harm and even fatalities have received media coverage for as long as medications have been around. This is yet another concern life insurance companies must take into consideration when reviewing applicants for term life insurance coverage. Just because a drug receives FDA approval does not necessarily mean it can’t cause serious harm to people.

We hope to see a world in the near future that doesn’t rely on unnecessary medications to cure maladies that can be remedied in other, more natural ways. Take control of your health and reduce your reliance on medications if you can, under a willing doctor’s supervision of course. We know your pocketbook will thank you when your term life insurance premiums go down!


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Moving Soon? Check out the Best Places to Live in 2012


Title: Moving Soon? Check out the Best Places to Live in 2012

Best Places to Live in the US

In addition to the “Top Earning Towns” list released this week by CNN Money, the annual “Best Places to Live” rankings have also been released. If you are relocating soon you may want to take a peek and see if your new city lands on this list.

This years results were a bit surprising, especially the top 25. While the Washington D.C. area continued to rank well, it was the only ‘usual suspect’ to do so. This years top 25 cities were dominated by three, less publicized, metropolitan markets: Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Indianapolis and Dallas. It’s also worth noting that both Newton, MA and Ellicott City, MD were also ranked in the top 15 as “Top Earning Towns”.

A breakdown of the top 25 “Best Places to Live” as reported by CNN Money is listed below. You can view the top 100 cities on CNN Money.

Rank Location Population Metropolitan Area
1 Carmel, IN 80,100 Indianapolis
2 McKinney, TX 136,100 Dallas
3 Eden Prairie, MN 61,200 Minneapolis-Saint Paul
4 Newton, MA 84,700 Boston
5 Redmond, WA 55,200 Seattle
6 Irvine, CA 213,600 Orange County
7 Reston, VA 60,300 Washington D.C.
8 Columbia/Ellicott City, MD 100,700 Baltimore
9 Overland Park, KS 175,300 Kansas City
10 Chapel Hill, NC 59,000 Raleigh-Durham
11 Woodbury, MN 63,600 Minneapolis-Saint Paul
12 Fishers, IN 78,600 Indianapolis
13 Allen, TX 83,700 Dallas
14 Eagan, MN 64,700 Minneapolis-Saint Paul
15 Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ 53,200 Newark-NYC
16 Castle Rock, CO 52,500 Denver
17 Centreville, VA 72,900 Washington D.C.
18 South Jordan, UT 52,700 Salt Lake City
19 Lakeville, MN 56,700 Minneapolis-Saint Paul
20 Waldorf, MD 69,400 Washington D.C.
21 Highlands Ranch, CO 95,900 Denver
22 Maple Grove, MN 61,800 Minneapolis-Saint Paul
23 Gaithersburg, MD 63,400 Washington D.C.
24 Germantown, MD 88,000 Washington D.C.
25 Franklin, NJ 62,600 Newark

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Top Earning Towns – 2012 Rankings


Title: Top Earning Towns – 2012 Rankings

Top earning towns in the US

It’s that time of year again – No, I’m not referring to the kids moving back to college – But rather the onslaught of city rankings for every category imaginable. One of this weeks most talked about rankings is “Top Earning Towns” published by CNN Money. The results are a little more spread out than expected, but the usual suspects continue to dominate the top 10. Bethesda, MD and Ashburn, VA – both in the Washington D.C. area – ranked 1st and 6th. The highly educated suburbs of Boston, Newton, MA and Brookline, MA ranked 7th and 9th. All in all the top 10 was mostly east coast cities with the exception of Newport Beach, CA (4th) and Palo Alto, CA (3rd).

A breakdown of the top 15 “Top Earning Towns” as reported by CNN Money is listed below. You can view the top 25 cities on CNN Money.

Rank Location Population Median Income Median Home $
1 Bethesda, MD 61,511 $184,606 $740,000
2 Greenwich, CT 62,074 $167,502 $1,901,029
3 Palo Alto, CA 65,260 $163,661 $1,225,000
4 Newport Beach, CA 83,377 $156,928 $1,118,250
5 Lower Merion, PA 58,618 $153,309 $553,498
6 Ashburn, VA 59,790 $146,093 $345,000
7 Newton, MA 84,655 $145,639 $650,000
8 Hoboken, NJ 52,151 $140,780 $491,250
9 Brookline, MA 59,142 $139,756 $565,000
10 Fairfield, CT 59,616 $136,808 $618,417
11 Arlington, VA 209,969 $132,580 $485,000
12 Ellicott City, MD 66,077 $132,197 $420,000
13 Johns Creek, GA 73,170 $128,552 $266,320
14 Naperville, IL 152,581 $123,511 $322,500
15 N Hempstead, NY 225,364 $122,280 $747,382

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ObamaCare’s Hinkle Wrinkle

One supposes that this could be quite humorous, if the stakes weren’t so darned high:

As critics warned [ObamaCrap] will not “bend the cost curve downward” as promised. To the contrary, a June report … predicts that national health spending through 2021 will continue to grow at a considerably faster clip than Gross Domestic Product.”

Yeah, yeah, those whingers are always carping on PresBo’s greatest legislative achievement.

Wait, what?

“…To the contrary, a June report by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid…”

Hardly a bastion of right wing activism, CMMS is charged with actually implementing the bill we had to pass to learn what’s in it. And they see what we’ve been saying for quite some time: ObamaCrap does nothing to lower the cost of health care delivery. It’s basic economics hard at work: offer something for nothing, and you get a lot of takers.

And this growth is quite lopsided:

Private health insurance spending will rise about 8 percent. Medicaid spending will grow about 20 percent. In a few years, government will account for 50 cents of every health care dollar spent in America.” [emphasis added]

That last bit bears repeating: “In a few years, government will account for 50 cents of every health care dollar spent in America.”

Currently, that number is about 41%. That’s a 25% increase in federal health care spending in a very short time span.

And from where do these dollars come? Regular readers already know.

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Actos Warning

From Consumer Reports:

“The Food and Drug Administration approved generic versions of the type 2 diabetes medication Actos (pioglitazone) last week. But we say skip Actos as both a generic and brand-name medication, unless other options have not worked. Pioglitazone can cause serious side effects, such as an increased risk of heart failure, bone fractures, and bladder cancer. Other medications to treat diabetes, such as metformin, are a better first choice.
For those who must take it, only three manufacturers are currently allowed to make the generic formulations of Actos for the next six months, so the price will likely stick close to the brand-name version, which can run an average of $377 for a prescription, if you pay the retail price. Once more manufacturers are approved to produce it, the price of generic Actos will begin to drop.
Bottom Line: Our medical advisers say that people with diabetes should use pioglitazone, generic or brand-name Actos, only as a last resort. If you’re on the drug, ask your doctor if it’s absolutely necessary and if you should switch to another drug. Our Consumer Reports Best Buy Drug recommendation is the drug metformin, either alone or with glipizide or glimepiride, for most people with type 2 diabetes, combined with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and losing excess weight. Those three generic medications can be usually found on the discount $4 generic drug lists at the pharmacy of most chain stores such as Kroger, Target and Walmart, and may be purchased for as little as $10 for a three-month supply.”
Consumer Reports, Avoid generic Actos, August 2012
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Guest Post: Olympians and their pet breeds

I know the Olympics are over but Dr Patrick Mahaney and I had some fun talking about a couple of breeds that some Olympians known to you have in their homes, including the:



Border Terrier


The health issues and temperaments of these breeds and more are discussed in the audio below.

Laura Bennett & Dr Patrick Mahaney The Olympians and Their Breeds

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Guest Post: Olympians and their pet breeds

Other posts by Dr Patrick Mahaney


Dr Patrick Mahaney
Dr. Mahaney is a veterinarian from the University of Pennsylvania and a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist, having been inspired by his own chronic pain from Intervertebral Disc Disease to provide accupuncture to his veterinary clients. In addition to Dr Mahaney’s house call integrative veterinary medicine business, California Pet Acupuncture and Wellness, he sees patients on an in-clinic basis at Veterinary Cancer Group in Culver City, CA.

Dr Mahaney writes a veterinary column (Patrick’s Blog) for and contributes to a variety of media, including Perez Hilton’s, Fido Friendly, Veterinary Practice News, Healthy Pets and People with Dr Patrick on, and MSNBC Sunday with Alex Witt and Career Day. His first book, The Uncomfortable Vet, will be available in 2012 through Havenhurst Books


Embrace’s new Healthy Pet Deductible

When I announced the Embrace Pet Insurance move to our new underwriter, American Modern, I promised to tell you about our new diminishing deductible feature, also known as the Healthy Pet DeductibleTM.

If it sounds familiar, it’s probably because you have seen quite a few TV ads from several large auto insurers with their own versions of the deductible reducing every year of claims-free driving. The Embrace Healthy Pet Deductible is very similar – if you go a year without any claims paid out for your pet, your next year’s annual deductible reduces by $50 and so on every year, until you reach a $0 deductible.

Embrace is the first pet insurer in the world to offer this feature.

The point is not to discourage you from sending in your claims but to offer encouragement for those pet parents whose pets stay healthy and are not using their Embrace policy to stick around for when they ultimately will need their pet insurance.

It just kills me when someone cancels their policy because they haven’t used it for 3 years and then call in 6 months later asking if we’d cover an accident or illness that has occured after the insurance was stopped. I never want that to happen again.

For specifics, you can learn more on our Health Pet DeductibleTM  webpage. For example, it is only available to those policies underwritten by American Modern so you’ll have to wait until your policy coverts over to start earning those credits.

In the meantime, here’s an example that I put together on how it works. 

Consider a multi-pet policy with my cats Rocket (annual deductible $500) and Rosie (annual deductible $200).

Year 1 – one covered claim for Rocket of $300 and one for Rosie for $300 as well.

  • Since Rocket’s claim is under her $500 deductible, there is no claim payout; therefore, Rocket accumulates a $50 deductible credit for year 2.
  • Rosie’s claim, however, is over her $200 deductible so there will be a claim payout in year 1; therefore, Rosie will not accumulate any deductible credits for year 2.

 Year 2 – another covered claim for Rocket of $600 and no claims for Rosie.

  • Rocket’s claim is over her deductible ($500 – $50 = $450), so there is a claim payout; therefore, Rocket will not accumulate any deductible credits for year 3 and her accumulated deductible credits are reset to zero.
  • Since Rosie has no claims in year 2, she accumulates $50 in deductible credits for year 3.

If we rewrote the example this way, you can see how the Healthy Pet Deductible accumulates:

Year 2 – another covered claim for Rocket but this time for $300 and no claims for Rosie.

  • Rocket’s claim is under her deductible ($500 – $50 = $450), so there is no claim payout; therefore, Rocket accumulates another $50 to make her total deductible credits equal to $100 for year 3.
  • Since Rosie has no claims in year 2, she accumulates $50 of Deductible Dollars for year 3.

So if you claim, you get reimbursed (if it’s above the deductible) and if you don’t (it’s below the deductible), you get a credit.

What’s not to like about that?

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