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Claiming Compensation for Injuries

If ever the misfortune of suffering an injury that you believe is the direct result of the negligence of others, is likely to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit, and in which injury lawyers can help you with this to ensure that the process as simple and trouble free as possible, allowing you the time and opportunity to focus on one priority – your recovery.

The protocol surrounding a more personal injury claims is as follows -

After receiving the details of your request, we send a letter of complaint to the accused, which describes the details of your accident and injuries, and the way we think is responsible. From there, we give a period of 21 days to respond to our letter, informs us that have recognized our right and sent the details of your insurance representative.

Once we receive confirmation that the defendant insurers have recognized our right, the investigation should have started. From there, we send a letter outlining the insurance information on the case and inform you of having three months to consider the request carefully and confirm whether or not they will pay. It is important to understand, however, that as a company policy we do not like to let our customers in the dark, while the period of three-month investigation is ongoing. We are proud of our policy to ensure that we update our client on the progress of your case, every 2 weeks, which lets them know exactly when we are on the case and what the next course of action is likely to be.

If after three months, responsibility for the IP address is accepted, the next action plan is the organization of the medical evidence obtained, and salary negotiations with the other side. However, if after 3 months, we find that deny responsibility for your case, we have to fight your corner of the box.

When we receive a disclaimer, our next course of action is to convey all the information about the case to one of our experienced attorneys for review and comments. If the lawyer’s analysis confirms that the prospects of success are not favorable, ie below 51%, we will have a second opinion lawyers to see if the result is of a similar nature. If this is the case, may be unable to continue the case.

It is important to understand, however, that if that happens, our corporate policy that prevents us from collecting the fantastic for our customers because we believe that the unfortunate conclusion of the research is rather disappointing, without having to worry about the burden of having to pay expensive legal fees.

On the other hand, however, if the attorney confirms a good chance of success is over 51%, our next priority is to focus only on collecting all possible information to strengthen our case against the other side. This information may come from a variety of sources – for example, convincing evidence of medical or witness statements to confirm the details of the accident. It is absolutely essential at this stage to build an excellent array of fighting his case all the way to court if necessary.

As a final note, one of the questions most frequently asked questions, asked by clients during the IP is.” When a situation like this occurs, the next course of action is to issue a request for release before the lawsuit, a petition to force the defendants’ representatives to disclose all information necessary to complete the investigation and to confirm a position of responsibility.

Again, this action is without risk to yourself that you are not required to appear before the court and it costs you nothing – if our request for disclosure of prior action is successful, we will recover all costs of insurance required demand, ensuring you never miss a good penny Jolie eh!

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