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Manual Handling Compensation Claim Lawyers

Manual handling injuries can be devastating, the back, after all, one of the most important parts of our body. Hurting your back can range from discomfort to immobility. It is important that we take care of the back, so it is important to put in the right way to ensure you never end up hurting us in the line of duty to our employers.

Manual handling affects us all – even the employees of that office from time to time need to carry a stack of records or a paper box from A to B must ensure that they do in the right way to avoid injury. For those of you, where manual handling is an active part of your daily routine, I like to think they know the dangers and health and safety standards in the reverse order.

Rules and Regulations

The manual handling operations regulations 1992 constitute an important part of labor law that your employer is responsible for ensuring strictly respected. It is your responsibility to employers will guide you and teach you how to lift safely in the workplace. All manual handling operations should have a comprehensive risk assessment so that risks are minimized and, if the necessary equipment, mechanical and / or the right amount of support staff is an issue that must be carefully planned.

It is you, the employees responsibility to make sure you follow the rules and regulations training for the last letter and make sure they never hurt on the job ends. It works both ways!

If your employer is not trained properly, or fails in its duty to ensure that the manual handling task to undertake is completely safe and the risks minimized as much as possible, you can apply for compensation from their insurers. However, if it is down to being at fault, the insurance can not cover!

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