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Relocation Insurance Group Provides Moving Insurance for Senior Citizens

Relocation Insurance Group and the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) have partnered to provide insurance coverage for seniors who are being packed or moved by NASMM Move Managers.

Relocation Insurance Group developed a unique program allowing senior move managers the ability to assist their clients in purchasing the appropriate insurance coverage for their senior customers. The program benefits seniors moving or seniors storing their belongings domestically or internationally, as well as the moving companies providing the moving services.

“The senior moving insurance program connects consumers with the moving and storage service provider and with the insurance carrier, to ensure a transparent and real time communication between all parties involved,” said CEO of Relocation Insurance Group, Gadi Binness.

The senior moving insurance program provides many benefits for move managers. For starters, the senior moving insurance program is the only such program allowing insurance coverage while a packing service is provided by move managers who have been approved by Relocation Insurance Group.

Furthermore, senior move managers receive increased name recognition through Relocation Insurance Group’s blogs, e-mail blasts, affiliate spotlight and social media Web sites (Facebook and Twitter). In addition, Relocation Insurance Group trains, supports and provides claims resolution in the unlikely event of damage or loss during the move process.

Benefits for the senior moving insurance clients include comprehensive insurance for All Risk, Named Perils and Total Loss Only coverage; 24/7 online availability to purchase insurance online on the company’s Web site; and insurance coverage from top-rated domestic insurance carriers.

Furthermore, Relocation Insurance Group also provides in-house claims management by licensed and experienced claims adjusters. Also, the insurance program is clear and easy to read, with no hidden costs or fine print.

“Senior citizens require specific needs. We strive to help them receive the best price for their moving or storage insurance needs,”  Binness said.

Benefits for moving companies providing the moving services include no cost to the moving company to be affiliated with Relocation Insurance Group; supplemental revenue for performing necessary packing and moving services not performed by the move manager; and heightened Internet search results on high ranking Relocation Insurance Group’s Web sites.

“It’s really a win-win situation for all parties involved,” Binness said.

In addition to providing senior moving insurance, Relocation Insurance Group offers a variety of services (Moving Insurance, Storage Insurance, Mobile Storage Insurance, Rental Truck Insurance, Logistics Insurance and Fine Art Moving Insurance) that deliver solid coverage and an easy purchasing experience.

The Moving Insurance program is considered the most innovative and customer-oriented insurance portal in the market. Relocation Insurance Group offers a comprehensive program for moving insurance policies, while enabling a real-time connection between the insured, the vendor/affiliate and the insurance carrier. The Moving Insurance program eliminates customers’ stress by providing them with the appropriate insurance for their household goods. The Moving Insurance policy options protect customers’ goods against a single item damage or loss, or for a catastrophic occurrence to the entire shipment.

Another program offered by Relocation Insurance Group is Storage Insurance. The Storage Insurance program provides a sophisticated online application that allows consumers to receive a quote and buy self-storage insurance. Relocation Insurance Group offers coverage from the nation’s leading insurance providers at a competitive price. The Self Storage Insurance option covers individuals’ belongings while stored in a self- storage facility.

An additional to the storage insurance policy and while targeting mobile storage users, the Mobile Storage Insurance program covers individuals’ belongings while transported or stored in a mobile storage unit. The policy, tailored to the specific needs of the mobile storage industry, is recommended because it insures customers’ belongings against risk factors such as vandalism, burglary, fire, accidents, loss, damage, etc.

The Truck Rental Insurance service is designed for consumers who choose to relocate their belongings themselves. This program is marketed through the Moving Insurance Web site ( and is the only such program implemented online. During the past few years, this option has gained popularity, not only among private consumers, but also with small-to-large corporate transferees.

The Logistics Insurance option is an innovative option of online logistics and cargo insurance. Relocation Insurance Group understands the unique risks and exposures associated with the logistics and freight shipping industry. The company offers policies for commodities and cargo from the nation’s top insurance providers to ensure Relocation Insurance Group customers receive the coverage they need.

Lastly, the Fine Art Moving Insurance program specializes in the unique requirements of high-end fine art and antique relocations. Relocation Insurance Group has the extensive experience to insure irreplaceable items for galleries, museums, auction houses, private  collectors and interior decorators. The company’s insurance plan protects the valuables against damage or loss.

More About Relocation Insurance Group
Founded in 2003, Relocation Insurance Group is the first insurance agency to sell moving insurance online directly to consumers and it is the only one-stop portal for all relocation insurance needs. This leading insurance agency uses interactive and integrated insurance Web sites to guarantee its customers the ability to purchase insurance to protect their belongings for any phase of their relocation. Relocation Insurance Group offers a variety of services (Senior Moving Insurance, Moving Insurance, Storage Insurance, Mobile Storage Insurance, Rental Truck Insurance, Logistics Insurance and Fine Art Moving Insurance) that deliver solid coverage and an easy purchasing experience.

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