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Harrington Moving Initiates Advanced Employee Screening

Leading moving and storage enterprise, Harrington Moving & Storage, uses an advanced employee screening method to ensure the NJ moving company hires the best.

Jeff Harrington, owner of Harrington Moving & Storage, recently decided to implement a new employee screening method to properly review candidates’ backgrounds prior to hiring them.

Harrington Movers all undergo extensive background checks to ensure Harrington Moving continues to provide stellar service. The screening method sweeps through a candidate’s background and results in a thorough, inclusive report.

The background check includes searching through criminal records, arrest records, sex offender records, proof of citizenship records, immigration status records, legal working status records, litigation records, driving and vehicle records, drug tests, education records, employment records, and additional reports.

Harrington Moving decided to implement the screening process to ensure its employees will maintain the company’s reputable image. In addition to the pre-hiring method, Harrington recently decided to implement a new educational training tool to teach his Harrington Moving employees.

Harrington discovered while participating in the International Association of Movers 49th Annual Meeting held in Denver, Colorado, a package of six videos entitled the “Art of Packing,” which painstakingly describe to the smallest detail the act of packing and unpacking.

The videos, which take about six hours to complete, are part of Harrington’s recent change of employee qualification testing. All Harrington Moving & Storage employees must watch the videos and complete a written exam. They must answer correctly all 50 questions in order to pass the test. If the employees pass the test, they receive a new Harrington Moving & Storage jersey, colored orange and navy blue.

“The screening method is to ensure Harrington Moving candidates are eligible to work for us, the video exam is to ensure they are good enough to wear the Harrington Moving & Storage jersey,” said Harrington. “We continuously strive to offer the best service, and for that we need the best employees.”

In addition to upholding the Harrington Moving reputation, current Harrington Movers work hard to remain active members and leaders in the New Jersey community. In the coming weeks, Harrington Movers will take time away from moving families and businesses to sponsor a ride and maintain a booth throughout the 11th Annual MayFest on Springfield Avenue Event, a street festival that attracts a large audience of locals and visitors.

“Harrington Movers like to get out and see our supportive customers face to face, a local street fair is a great way to reach out,” Harrington said. “Harrington Movers are top notch people, they are hard workers who like to give.”

More About Harrington Moving & Storage
Harrington Moving & Storage has been a leader in the moving business since 1996. Harrington Moving & Storage, established by Jeff Harrington, offers high quality moving and storage services of all types. It is the only moving company in its region to initiate monthly charitable services. Its benevolent services have helped various organizations, schools, and even individual community members. Harrington Moving & Storage strives to be more than just a moving and storage company; rather, it works to be an active member in its community. Harrington Mover has received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, in addition, Harrington Mover is a proud member of the American Moving & Storage Association and is recognized by the New Jersey Warehouseman & Movers Association. As of late, Harrington Mover employees all undergo extensive background checks to ensure Harrington Moving continues to provide stellar service.

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