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How to Save Money During a Move


Title: How to Save Money During a Move

How to save money when moving

Moving can be exciting, but it can also be plain annoying. You have to physically move yourself, your family and your belongings, but that’s not even the half of it. You have to change your address on your credit card and bank accounts, not to mention magazine subscriptions, newspaper delivery and anything else that comes to your house. You also have to move your TV, Internet and phone services to your new place, which usually means taking a day off from work. It’s a huge hassle that can take away the joy you had when you found the house or apartment of your dreams.

Of course, moving can also be extremely expensive. From packing up your current belongings to moving them to your new location, moving is wrought with expenses that keep popping up, getting in the way of you enjoying your new digs. There’s also the personal cost of throwing out old keepsakes, taking time from work and helping kids to adjust to the new surroundings.

Unfortunately, you can’t do much about most of these things. However, you can make your move as cost-effective as possible.

Packing Materials and Boxes

You can’t move without boxes, and moving supply companies take full advantage of this fact by selling boxes for exorbitant prices. Don’t be a sucker. Get boxes from your local grocery store, which throws out hundreds of boxes each day. Head to the store shortly before closing, which is when they discard the boxes, or call the store in advance and ask them to hold the boxes for you. If you work in an office, you can also grab empty boxes of printer paper or anything else you can find; however, be sure to ask permission first.

Read our other moving guides about free, cheap and used moving supplies.

Moving Labor

Moving always begs the question – do you ask your friends to help you move, or do you hire a moving labor company? There’s a trade-off, and it’s not just about owing your friends a favor when it’s all said and done. A moving company costs money, but you’ll at least have the assurance the job will be done correctly and with minimal damage. Recruiting your friends is the cheaper option by far, but it might lead to important goods being damaged or broken. Take stock of how much you have to move, particularly the fragile items, and see if you really trust your friends to take care of these things. If so, then give them a chance to help you out. However, if you’ve got a tricky entry into your new place – for example, a basement apartment with a narrow turn down the stairs – you’re better off calling professional movers who know how to handle these situations.

Truck Rental Discounts

If you are planning a self move chances are you have considered a rental truck as a transportation option. Save 10-20% on your one-way truck rental with Penske Truck Rental and Budget Truck Rental.

If you are renting a truck for your move don’t forget to budget your fuel costs. Use our rental truck fuel calculator to help estimate your total fuel expenses!


A new location means a new surrounding area, which could save you money on insurance. Call your auto and home insurance companies to see if you’re entitled to a discount based on where you’re moving to, the length of your new commute to and from work or if you’ve been overpaying in the past and never got around to calling to renegotiate.

Coordinate Around Your Paycheck

If all else fails, you can always coordinate your move around your next paycheck. With many companies implementing payroll solution platforms, employees may very well have the opportunity to look at a pay day calendar. Not only will this alleviate the stress of saving every single penny, but you’ll be able to develop a concrete budgeting plan based on when you’ll be receiving your next paycheck – which is generally the same amount as the previous one.

Most people get excited about moving, and then quickly sour on the idea when they realize how much work is involved. And yes, it’s a lot of hassle, frustration and physical work. At the end of the day, though, moving doesn’t have to be as stressful as you may think, and it doesn’t have to be as expensive, either. Planning ahead, being honest about your situation and thinking outside the box can help save you some money and get your new life off to a great start.

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