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Understanding the Need for Mobile Storage Insurance

Relocation Insurance Group offers a variety of insurance programs, including mobile storage insurance. This type of insurance covers individuals’ belongings while transported or stored in a mobile storage unit. Relocation Insurance Group believes such insurance is imperative for those storing or transporting their belongings in a mobile storage unit for a variety of reasons.

Mobile storage is a moving and storage solution that transports the storage unit directly to the customer’s home. Unlike renting a moving truck or hiring a moving company, with mobile storage there is no need to drive anywhere. Such a storage option is relatively safe, however there are always risk factors such as accidents, loss, damage, vandalism, burglary and more.

Relocation Insurance Group understands that it is not possible to control the possibility of harm coming to individuals’ belongings when stored or in transit. Yet customers can manage the risk effectively with the Mobile Storage Insurance option.

Storing or transporting individuals’ possessions without buying insurance can be very risky in case of a disaster. Most self storage or mobile storage facilities offer little to no coverage for individuals’ belongings. Customers should consider the Mobile Storage Insurance option an investment, as this program protects their belongings and minimizes the potential loss and aggravation following a disastrous occurrence.

The advantage to purchasing the Mobile Storage Insurance from Relocation Insurance Group is that customers purchase “real insurance.” Customers immediately receive an actual Certificate of Insurance as proof of coverage, rather than a note on the mobile storage unit rental agreement.

The Mobile Storage Insurance plan covers customers’ belongings while transported or stored in a mobile storage unit. The plan is recommended because it insures customers’ belongings against risk factors such as vandalism, burglary, fire, accidents, loss, damage, etc.

More About Relocation Insurance Group
Relocation Insurance Group is an innovative insurance agency that facilitates the sale of moving and insurance coverage to consumers and businesses. The Web-based system connects the consumers with the moving and storage provider with the insurance carrier, to ensure a transparent and real time communication between all parties involved. Relocation Insurance Group was established in 2003 and employs professional insurance and risk management individuals with many years experience in the moving and storage industry. The company is located in Montclair, NJ with a satellite office in St. Louis, MO and Northern CA.

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