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Making a Claim for Road Accident Compensation


The other day I was talking with a gentleman who had great prospects for a successful claim. I advised this, but was a little worried that your application may take some time and was not sure whether to go ahead. A personal injury lawyers, we find that a lot – people have an idea in his head that the claims process is a difficult process and could take a long time to settle and, as such, find it off putting. The thing is, the reality to claim damages from a car accident, it is actually very simple in most cases, then any claim that could be done and dusted by the few months!

Yes, a few years ago, claiming car accident can have only one. This was because the defendant was allowed to go almost four months to snap on liability, or in other words, if accepted or rejected because of the accident. This was unacceptable to April 2010, the process was reformed. The defendant’s insurance company now has only a period of just over two to three weeks to accept or deny responsibility.

The process is fast and easy now. First, an insurance claim form is submitted online through the website of the Ministry of Justice to the insurer of the defendant. He said he was involved in the accident, which occurred in the accident when the accident occurred, and some simple details. Do not worry, your personal injury lawyer must pass through this with you, which is about 10 minutes to do. The defendant’s insurance company is allowed 1 business day to recognize the shape of an insurance claim, and another 15 days to accept or deny responsibility. The injury lawyers take the claims that we sincerely believe will be successful and find that in many of our claims, liability is well accepted in this period.

The next step is for you to attend an appointment with a forensic report can be compiled. This will be arranged at a time and a place for you and should take about 30 minutes. It is one of the most important elements of your application, because the diagnoses of their injuries and to establish how long it will suffer for. According to their report, the legal expert can properly assess your claim. Generally, the more severe the injury and most durable of your injury, your application will be useful. With your permission, the medical report be disclosed to the insurer of the defendant and his personal injury lawyer can go about getting the maximum compensation you deserve.

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