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Largest Tax increase ever…counter, counter

The right claimed ObamaCare is now the largest tax increase ever…

The left was aghast at such a claim(their long history of being anti-tax being expunged and all) and accused them of lying…

The Loud Talker did a great job of presenting all the perspectives and letting you decide for yourself.  (If only we had some reliable institution that would do this for everything, gather the facts, present them in an unbiased manner and let us think for ourselves. If only…..)

Yes there is an argument that % GDP or $ per citizen are more accurate measures but that doesn’t change the fact the claim is factually true and deny that accurate context is far more misleading. Personally being only the 5th largest tax increase instead of the largest isn’t really a victory I would fight for.

Read the full article to see why controlling the House and Senate should be our number one priority.
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