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Relocation Insurance Group Explains its Self Storage Insurance Option

Relocation Insurance Group offers many insurance options, one of them being Storage Insurance. The Storage Insurance service is an online insurance program that has been offered since 2003 and has grown to attract customers nationwide. Relocation Insurance Group believes knowledge is power and therefore is explaining its popular service.

Relocation Insurance Group realizes that many people assume that self storage providers will automatically provide insurance for the goods they store. However, this is not generally the case, as only a few self storage companies will offer full and comprehensive item insurance within the standard rental charges storage renters pay. Some self storage companies may offer basic coverage as part of the package based on the size of the unit the individual hires, but this will probably not be enough for the renter’s needs.

Relocation Insurance Group recommends individuals consider purchasing Storage Insurance because in case of a major disaster, the coverage will compensate for the replacement value of the damaged or lost item/s. Furthermore, when purchasing Storage Insurance from Relocation Insurance Group, customers will receive an actual Certificate of Insurance from a leading insurance company as proof of coverage rather than a note on the rental agreement when renting a storage unit.

Relocation Insurance Group provides self storage customers with cost effective and diverse insurance products while utilizing a convenient and reliable online application. The Self Storage Insurance option was established to fulfill the growing need of self storage customers to insure their goods while stored in a self storage facility.

The Self Storage Insurance option covers individuals’ belongings while stored in a self- storage facility. Coverage can begin at any time during their rental agreement and will compensate for loss or damages to their belongings due to specific perils.

In conclusion, the Storage Insurance option provides customers with cost effective and diverse insurance products. The agency’s goal is to protect goods stored by self storage customers, provide self storage facilities and moving companies enhanced insurance services that can be offered to their customers, and to market additional insurance products to these entities. Relocation Insurance Group recommends people purchase Storage Insurance to insure their goods while stored in a self storage facility.

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