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Relocation Insurance Group Offers Moving Insurance

Relocation Insurance Group is an innovative provider of online moving insurance that offers insurance for household moves and commercial relocations from the nation’s top moving insurance companies. The company is licensed to sell moving insurance domestically in 50 states, as well as worldwide. Many moving individuals do not always realize why moving insurance is imperative in order to protect their goods during a move, and so Relocation Insurance Group explains the benefits.

Relocation Insurance Group explains that just like auto insurance or a homeowner insurance policy, moving insurance is a crucial form of protection against any damage to individuals’ personal belongings.

Relocation Insurance Group eliminates customers’ stress by providing them with the appropriate insurance for their household goods via the online Moving Insurance portal. The agency’s moving insurance options protect customers’ goods for a single item damage or loss, or for a catastrophic occurrence to an entire shipment – Relocation Insurance Group’s innovative technology allows customers to receive a quote, purchase and download their moving insurance proof of policy at a competitive price from the nation’s top insurance providers.

Relocation Insurance Group believes it is important to purchase moving insurance prior to relocating because most accidents occur when least expected or when individuals are not covered for them. Relocation Insurance Group explains that an individual moving company, although the prime vendor handling the move, is responsible for the minimum amount of $0.30 to $0.60 per pound per item in case of a local and intrastate move, or $0.60 per pound per item in case of an interstate or international move and will not pay for loss or damages unless the customer purchased additional coverage.

In addition, Relocation Insurance Group warns individuals that homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies cover household goods while in the individual’s home, but not while in the movers’ possession. Furthermore Relocation Insurance Group explains that it is difficult to obtain new homeowners’ policies if the individual’s claim history is not favorable.

In conclusion, if moving individuals do not purchase moving insurance they are left with a major gap in coverage, thus leaving their household goods uninsured. Relocation Insurance Group created to offer customers an easy way to protect their household goods while moving. offers a comprehensive program for moving insurance policies, while enabling a real-time connection between the insured, the affiliated vendor, and the insurance carrier.

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