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Kacey Montoya Decides to Lock New Clothes in Storage

40-year-old Kacey Montoya, a New York City native, currently resides in the city with her husband and three children. When she was younger, she studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Now, years later, she has pursued her dreams by owning a clothing store in New York City.

Recently, Kacey Montoya announced at her New York City store staff meeting, her plan to launch her own fashion line, which she designed for children between the ages of eight and fourteen. She plans to expand her store, and create a special area for her line there. In the meantime, though, Kacey Montoya must find a space where she would be able to keep all of the clothes of her new fashion line.

Kacey Montoya has decided to keep the clothes in a storage, which she will rent from a storage company. She did a lot of research and found the company that she believes best suits her needs. The company is located only ten minutes away from her store, by foot, and offers great services for a very reasonable cost. She was hoping to store the clothes in a storage that is locked and secured at all times. The company that she will make the deal with not only promises to lock the storage, but also promises to guard it by hiring men who will watch it during the day and even throughout the nighttime.

The clothes of her new children’s fashion line is obviously more than important to Kacey Montoya, and therefore she will lock them all in that company’s storage, so that she will be able to breathe freely until the expansion of her store is complete.