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Whiplash Compensation Valuations – Lawyers Advice


At The Injury Lawyers are often asked about how a claim is worth. The thing is that the claim everyone is different, because no one has exactly the same symptoms and these symptoms do not last the same amount of time in all cases. For this reason, early in his petition, can not give an accurate assessment, it is simply impossible, no matter what I can tell you. That said, we explain how to evaluate claims for whiplash and the value of your claim at a later stage.

Here’s how:

A personal injury lawyers who are expert lawyers whiplash treated thousands of requests for whiplash for many years. In fact, not a day goes by that someone from our team occupied a whiplash claim progress toward a solution. Through this experience, we are able to give you a rough idea of ??how your application can be useful.

What you must understand is that the value of your claim depends on the severity of whiplash injury and how long you have your whip. For example, a severe whiplash injury, worth more than a moderate whiplash lasts the same amount of time. Similarly, a whiplash injury of less than six months, probably will be worth more than a minor whiplash for a period of one month. At the beginning of your application, do not know the severity of your whiplash injury and how long it will last, we have no crystal ball, unfortunately, and that is why you can not give an accurate assessment. However, there are some guidelines that suggest how a claim may be helpful.

The Judicial Studies (JSB) guidelines suggest several figures of different types of cervical lesions. We can also say that a minor whiplash is worth £ 2,500.00 and, in fact, was the average payment for an application of whiplash last year. A whiplash injury for 3-5 weeks, if not a value of £ 1,000.00.

For a more accurate value of whiplash, you need a forensic report. Usually be obtained once the responsibility of your claim has been accepted and will be arranged at a time and a place for you and should only be 20 or 30 minutes. The forensic report is key to the evaluation of your claim because of a medical expert will be to establish a diagnosis and prognosis (how long you will suffer for) and with this information, a personal injury lawyer to the appropriate quality can be assessed your claim. We do not have a medical report at the beginning of your claim, it is impossible to assess your application. A personal injury lawyer is not known how much of your whiplash injury is not a medical expert and it is uncertain how long it will suffer whiplash.

It is also interesting to note that the figures quoted refer to whiplash compensation whiplash only himself. Your application can be more valuable if you have suffered losses related to others, for example, loss of income due to having to miss work or the costs of drugs and / or travel expenses to get to medical appointments. Naturally, most of their losses, their application will be useful.

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