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Improved Library Moving Technique Introduced By Harrington Moving & Storage

Local New Jersey moving and storage company Harrington Moving & Storage recently announced its improved library moving service.

Harrington Moving recently improved its library moving service to further guarantee its customers a meticulously managed move with minimum downtime. The company utilizes special rolling carts so library owners and visitors have access to the books while in the process of moving.

“Moving a library collection to a new building can be complex and tedious,” said owner of Harrington Mover, Jeff Harrington. “However, Harrington Moving & Storage has plenty of industry knowledge and experience to offer a stress-free and successful library relocation.”

Harrington Moving & Storage utilizes advanced technology and tools to execute library moves with minimum downtime. The company’s movers use mobile shelving units on wheels, crane lifts, library dollies, and various other leading tools. Library moves are completed during non-working hours and on weekends to ensure the new library will be up and running the following day.

In addition, Harrington Moving devised a customized library moving plan through which customers benefit from an efficient library moving system. Services include: library relocation services, library space planning, library collection mapping, installing, dismantling and reconfiguring library shelving, and inventory assessment of library shelving.

“Harrington Mover uses the most efficient and effective means for library relocations. Upon completion, we will leave library owners with a productive and completely organized library,” Harrington said. “We ensure the job is completed in a safe, timely manner.”

More About Harrington Moving & Storage
Harrington Mover, formed in 1996 by Jeff Harrington, extensively trains its movers and instructs them to perform top-notch, efficient moves. Harrington Moving & Storage is renowned for its professional moving services, and is committed to safeguarding its customers’ items throughout the moving process. Harrington has won several awards including the “Circle of Excellence” and the “Best Movers” award. In addition, Harrington Mover is the recipient of the New Jersey Moving Member of the Year Award for 2006 and is the recipient of the New Jersey Driver of the Year Award for 2010.

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