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Harrington Moving Launches Summer Moving Service for Beach Homeowners

Harrington Movers, a leading New Jersey moving company, recently announced its newest service targeting beach/summer homeowners along the Jersey Shore.

New Jersey-based moving and storage company Harrington Moving & Storage continuously works to provide current and efficient services. Recently the company announced its latest service targeting customers who own beach homes or summer homes.

Harrington Moving offers a variety of services, from residential moving, to commercial moving, to long distance moving, to local moving, and international moving. Harrington Mover also offers a wide variety of flexible storage plans.

“Since many locals own beach homes and/or summer homes, Harrington Moving decided it was wise to offer a service targeting them,” said founder of Harrington Mover, Jeff Harrington.

Part of the service includes Harrington Movers arriving at the customer’s day-to-day home, packing up the home’s contents, moving the belongings to the summer destination, unpacking the belongings, and eventually when the summer fun is over, returning to collect the items and transporting everything back to the original home.

“We pack up everything from surfboards to stuffed animals. Harrington Movers are packing and moving experts, so they know how to get the job done in a quick and efficient manner,” Harrington said.

Harrington Moving also offers storage services targeting such customers who own more than one home. Oftentimes families do not have enough space in their day-to-day home to house all their summer belongings, such as outdoor patio, bbq, children toys and equipment. To help relieve those who face tight living quarters, Harrington Movers offer storage solutions that can save both space and stress.

“Summer fun has to end eventually, and we are here to help store away the items until next year,” Harrington said.

More About Harrington Moving
Harrington Mover, established by Jeff Harrington in 1996, provides first class moving and storage solutions. Harrington Movers has earned its superior customer service reputation by providing stellar care for its clients possessions. Harrington Movers offer various tailor-made moving plans. Harrington Moving works hard at transporting your essentials in a safe and secure manner. Many non-profit organizations have dubbed Harrington Moving as ‘the moving company with the biggest heart’’ and a ‘true gem to our community.’ Harrington Mover has received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, in addition, Harrington Mover is a proud member of the American Moving & Storage Association and is recognized by the New Jersey Warehouseman & Movers Association. Harrington Mover employees all undergo extensive background checks to ensure Harrington Moving continues to provide stellar service.

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