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Claim Example: Mox the Labrador gets a Foxtail in the neck

Garrett, Jamie and MoxAnother summer danger for those on the west coast – foxtails.

Poor Mox the Labrador Retriever living in Elk Grove, CA got a foxtail in the neck. In the words of Jamie, his dog mom:

We actually had no idea he even had a foxtail in his jaw for quite some time.  The day of my bridal shower, his neck swelled up all the sudden and it looked like he swallowed a baseball! Our vet was nice enough to hang on to him and check him out while I was at the shower.  They said he might’ve been stung by a bee or something and gave him some meds for it.

A few weeks later, he still had a lump, but now it was much harder.  We took him back in where they removed some puss from the lump.  They said it was probably a foxtail and they’d need to remove it.  We had no idea how dangerous they could be.  His was obviously infected, but it could have been much worse if the infection had spread. They operated, removed the foxtail, and poor Mox had to have a drainage tube for a week to ensure all the fluid was out of the wound. 

It was tough to see our buddy like that, but we were so glad he was okay.

With foxtails, you don’t just have to worry about the infection but the foxtail can move further into the body getting into places like the heart cavity where they can wreak all sorts of havoc – not nice at all.

Mox’s Cost Summary:

  • Initial treatment for facial swelling: $197.30
  • Hemmoragic Gastroenteritis: $197.04
  • Foxtail removal: $445.77

     Total costs for foxtail and gastroenteritis: $840.11

$142.35 of these claims were not covered by Mox’s Embrace Pet Insurance policy as the optional RX
coverage was not chosen but the payout was as follows:

Total covered: $697.76
                      -$200 deductible
Remaining:      $497.76

80% reimbursed: $398.21

Here are some of the pictures from Jamie – Mox is back to normal now thank goodness.

Foxtail drain Foxtail drain Foxtail drain








Has your dog encountered a foxtail before?  

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Claim Example: Mox the Labrador gets a Foxtail in the neck 



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