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Reducing Your Pet’s Anxiety When Traveling

Try natural remedies to help your dog's travel anxiety

There is nothing more disturbing to an animal guardian than dealing with a nervous pet when traveling. What I will often recommend to clients is to take pets on short car trips for 10-15 minutes at a time in order for their pets to get used to trips away from home.  Most pets that exhibit anxiety usually manifest symptoms within a few minutes of beginning travel. While some pets may become restless and pant, others will drool and even vomit when commencing travel.

While there are certain pharmaceuticals that may help lessen anxiety and stress, I usually prefer increasing time in the car, as well as some natural remedies first before resorting to drugs. One of the best products I have found to help naturally take the edge off of many pets is the flower essence Be Serene. When used before trips and periodically as needed during travel, this natural remedy may often work to resolve many anxiety symptoms. The homeopathic remedy cocculus when used in 30c potency shortly before and during travel may help decrease travel-induced nausea. Other common over-the-counter medications including Benadryl and/or Dramamine may also help on certain occasions.  In more serious cases of anxiety and/or car sickness, prescription drugs such as Acepromazine or Cerenia may help resolve unwanted reactions in more serious cases.

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