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Pet Food Recalls: where to find information

The pet food recalls continue and another two people have become sick from the salmonella contiminating their pet’s food making that 16 people. No-one knows how many pets have been affected. I thought I should alert you to the details of the recall in case it affects you or other pet lovers you know.

If you are just catching up on the news, there have been numerous pet food recalls over the last couple of weeks. The recalls are due to a potential Salmonella contamination and involve many brands of dry dog food manufactured at a Gaston, S.C., plant operated by Diamond Pet Foods of Meta, Mo.

Here’s a current list of brands involved in the recall:

If you use any of the above brands, please use the link for brand-specific recall information from the FDA, including production codes and expiration dates. If you have been feeding your dog or cat recalled food, stop use immediately and consult your veterinarian and doctor.

Since the recalls are being updated frequently, check the FDA website frequently for new recall updates here and click on the Animal Health tab to narrow the recalls to pet-related issues.

Salmonella in Dogs

Symptoms may include decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. If left untreated, pets may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever and vomiting. Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans.

Salmonella in Humans

Individuals handling dry pet food can become infected with Salmonella, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with surfaces exposed to this product. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever.

If you would be so kind as to share this post with your friends and family who have pets, I would be very grateful.

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