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May is Allergy Month at Embrace Pet Insurance

Given the early spring across a lot of the US, many people are suffering from the extra high levels of pollen in the air as a result. It may surprise some of you to know though that dogs and cats can also have allergies and be affected as much as their humans although in different ways.

Midnight- Katie HoustonFor example, have you noticed your dog doing any of the following:

  • Chewing on her feet (not yours!) 
  • Rubbing her face on the carpet
  • Scratching herself
  • Having recurring ear infections (aka otitis externa)
  • Losing her fur in places
  • Damaging her own skin

All of these are signs of allergies. Dogs react differently to allergies than people. We tend to have localized symptoms like a runny nose for allergens we breath in. Dogs tend to have stimulated immune systems that aren’t so localized such as the skin issues described above.

This month, we’ll cover dog and cat allergies of all kinds and what you can do to recognize and help them.

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