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It’s National Hairball Awareness Day – really!

IMG_2250Some of you may already know how I celebrated it this year – by making Lady Gaga out of cat fur (and a wee bit of doggeh fluff too). It’s been quite a hit on Fuze amazingly enough!!!

But seriously, it’s that time of year when cats shed like crazy and when they groom themselves, they can swallow a significant amount of fur; hence the oh-so-delightufl hairballs.

There are two ways to deal with hairballs – by feeding cats “hairball formula” food to deal with the fur once it’s ingested or prevent them in the first place by grooming your cat frequently. You could also shave your cat but that would be rather undignified for all involved. 

If you want to see some of the other hairball creations, just hop on over to Furminator’s Facebook page for the “fur creature” celebrity themed contest. There’s bound to be someone that tickles your fancy over there.

IMG_2246 IMG_2246 IMG_2246 IMG_2246


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