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Do You Need Insurance When Transporting Your Vehicle?

Today’s guest post comes from A1 Auto Transport, an online portal of auto transportation companies.

When you are transporting your vehicle, there are a number of considerations to be had. From clearing your vehicle of personal effects to scheduling delivery and pick-up times, the more information you get from your auto transport company, the more informed a consumer you will be.

One of the more important questions to ask an auto transport company is whether or not they have the proper insurance to transport your vehicle, and the DOT is a good place to check. After all, while you would like to hope that there won’t be an incident while the company is transporting your car, things do happen. And should something happen to your car, you want to ensure that the company can at least take care of an expenses associated with the damage.

Some auto transport companies may try to sell you additional insurance; however, these extra products are just that: additional sales tools that might give you more peace of mind, but will also cost you additional monies. The company’s insurance and your personal auto insurance is plenty of protection to cover your vehicle should anything go wrong with it during the transport process. Inform your insurance company that your car is being transported and give them information on the process and company being used. Informing your insurance company ahead of time ensures that they are aware of the situation, and can be prepared to file a claim should something go wrong.

If an auto transport company uses high pressure tactics to try to get you to buy extra insurance, you might be wary and question them about what insurance they have on their transport vehicles and drivers. If an auto transport company doesn’t have insurance, then keep shopping until you find another reputable company that does offer a policy and can provide the copies of paperwork to prove it.

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